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Tool and Supplies list: 
All H-D Alpha or Beta Twin Engines from ’99-‘05

Twin Cam Tool Sheet:

General tools and supplies
Harley-Davidson service manual
3/8” drive standard socket set from 3/8” to 1”
1/4” drive 12 point socket set
1/2” drive 12 point socket set
Torx socket set
Open end wrench set (need two – ½” open end wrenches)
Standard hex head wrench set
Torque wrenches – inch and foot pound.
Assortment of screwdrivers
Assortment of pliers
Brass hammer
Standard tap and die set
Air compressor
Rubber mallet
Assembly Lube
Engine oil and squirt dispenser
Case sealer

Special Tools:

Lower End:
Jim’s crankshaft guide tool
Jim’s crankshaft removal tool
Jim’s crankshaft installation tool
Magnetic stand with dial indicator
Flat stand with a hole to measure the end play
Jim’s Beta balancer lock pins
Jim’s Beta balancer sprocket alignment tool
SBC Billet crankshaft centers
0”-1” Mic

Cam Chest:
Jim’s inner cam bearing removal tool
Jim’s inner cam bearing installation tool
Jim’s cam tensioner tool
Jim’s cam crank lock tool
Jim’s twin cam support block
SBC Billet Degree wheel (if it is being assembled on a bench)

Top End
Jim’s ring compression tool
Jim’s wrist pin tool
Dowell Pin Driver

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