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Swing Arm and Wheel Bearing Replacement Tools and Supplies (DVD: BEARINGS)

Swing Arm
Service manual
Safety Glasses
Swing Arm Bearing kit
3/8" drive ratchet and extension assortment and breaker bar
Metric 3/8" drive sockets and extensions
Metric Wrenches
Torque wrench
Seal puller
Assorted spacers and sockets to fit the race of the bearing
Vice that opens at least 5 inches or a press
Rubber Mallet
Miscellaneous hand tools such as screwdrivers
Clean rags
Bearing grease – preferably waterproof
1 cans of aerosol Brake cleaner
Bungee cords

Wheel Bearings
Wheel Bearings and seals
10” Drift Punch
2 blocks of wood to place under wheel
Seal puller or long flat tip screwdriver
Circlip pliers (if needed)
Pin Spanner wrench (If needed)
Bearing drive, Socket or coller to seat new bearing
Bearing Grease

Graphics Tool list
Spray bottle
Hair dryer

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