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Kayaba 48U Fork Tools and Supplies (DVD: FKX450F07D)

Service Manual
Metric wrenches set
Metric Socket set
Basic Tools (screwdrivers, pliers…)
Wood V-block to hold Fork tube in vise (home made)
Or soft jaws and cartridge holder from
Fork Cap removal tool
Seal Driver
14MM hex socket or home made 14MM hex
Pneumatic Impact wrench & compressor (if necessary)
Grinder, Belt Sander or file to remove shim stack nut (if desired)
Shims (if desired)
Different Valve (if desired)
2 - Zip Ties or wire (if removing shims)
Fork Seal(s) (if necessary) or conventional seals
Fork Wiper(s) (if necessary)
Seal Savers (if desired)
Seal and o-ring grease
Fork Oil
5 gal Bucket or solvent tank
Clean rinse water (if you’re not using solvent)
Small nylon Scrub brush
2 Cans of Brake Cleaner or contact cleaner

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