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KTM WP Fork Tools and Supplies (DVD: F250SXF07D)

Service Manual
Metric wrenches up to 24 MM
Metric Socket set
Cheap 1-1/16” thin wall deep well socket to make special tool
50 MM Metric socket (purchase set from Harbor freight)
Basic Tools (screwdrivers, pliers…)
Wood V-block to hold Fork tube in vise (home made) or soft jaws and cartridge holder from
Bench grinder used to make a special tool from a socket
14MM hex socket
Pneumatic Impact wrench & compressor (if necessary)
Grinder, Belt Sander or file to remove shim stack nut (if desired)
Special tool to charge the bladder with air

-a nitrogen needle with a Schrader valve on one end.
-a hand pump with approx. 0-40 psi gage

Shims (if desired)
Different Valve (piston) (if desired)
2 - Zip Ties (if removing shims)
Fork Seal(s) (if necessary)
Fork Wiper(s) (if necessary)
48 MM Seal Driver ( or
Seal Savers (if desired)
Fork Oil
Seal and o-ring grease
Heavy grease (wheel bearing grease)
5 gal Bucket or solvent tank
Clean rinse water
Small nylon Scrub brush
Fork oil level adjuster
2 Cans of Brake Cleaner or contact cleaner

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