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KTM Top End Tools and Supplies (DVD: T300EXC01D)

Service manual
3/8" drive ratchet and extension assortment
Set of metric 3/8" drive Allen head sockets
Metric 3/8" drive sockets and extensions
Phillips head socket or impact driver with a Phillips head
Cordless drill with socket adapter (nice, but not necessary)
Torque wrench
Spring hook
Metric Calipers for 125/200; a good straight edge for 250-380
Miscellaneous hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers.
Clean rags
Drip pan
Liquid gasket maker
5 gal bucket or tub to wash parts
Carburetor parts dip - 1 Gal
2 cans of aerosol Brake cleaner
2 cans of aerosol Carburetor cleaner
Two-stroke premix oil
Radiator Coolant
Loctite Blue
O-ring and seal grease
Spark Plug
Access to a Ball hone
Metric Wrenches

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