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KTM and Husaberg Fork Tools and Supplies (DVD: F125SX03D)

Service Manual
Metric wrenches up to 24 MM
Metric Socket set
22 mm wrench with the face ground Flat
Basic Tools (screwdrivers, pliers…)
Wood V-block to hold Fork tube in vise (home made)
Cap removal tool for SX model (Purchase from EBAY or Racetech)
Cordless Drill with socket adapter (if necessary)
Pneumatic Impact wrench & compressor (if necessary)
Grinder, Belt Sander or Metal file to remove nut from Rebound stack (if desired)
Shims (if desired)
Different Valve (if desired)
2 - Zip Ties (if needed)
Fork Seal(s) (if necessary)
Fork Wiper(s) (if necessary)
Seal Savers (If Necessary)
Fork Oil Syringe
Fork Oil
Clean rinse water
Small Scrub brush
2 Cans of Brake Cleaner
torque wrench

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