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Showa Shock Tools and Supplies (DVD: SCRF450R03D)
Service manual
Set of Metric 3/8" drive sockets
3/8" drive ratchet and extension assortment Set of Metric wrenches
Torque wrench
Brass Hammer
Spring hook for kick stand
Miscellaneous hand tools such as screwdrivers and pliers.
Bike stand or jack to elevate the rear wheel
Oil drip pan
Rubber gloves
5 gal bucket or tub to wash parts
Old shower curtain or plastic drop cloth
Nylon detail brush
2 cans of brake cleaner
Loctite blue
O-ring and seal grease
Metal file, grinder or belt sander
Thread file
Shock seal bullet tool. You can purchase it from
Compressed air (approx 120-150 psi)
Punch (approx. 3/16" dia end")
Shock oil - 1 qt of manufacturer's recommended viscosity
New shims and Valve (if desired)
Shock seal
Nitrogen source up to 200 psi – check with your local shop or welding store.

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