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Bike Setup Tool List (DVD: BIKESETUP)
Note:  If we provide a place to purchase the parts/supplies it does not imply that it is the best place.  It’s just a place we know of that sells the parts/supplies.

Service manual
Safety Glasses
3/8" drive ratchet and extension assortment
Set of metric 3/8" drive Allen head sockets
Metric 3/8" drive sockets and extensions
Open end wrenches
Torque wrench
Miscellaneous hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers.
Clean rags
5 gal bucket or tub to wash parts
1 cans of aerosol Brake cleaner or contact cleaner
Loc-tite thread locker
O-ring and seal grease
Hair dryer
Latex Gloves
Bearing grease
Bike stand

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