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ATV/Quad Basic Maintenance Tool List (DVD: ATVB65003D)
Note:  If we provide a place to purchase the parts/supplies it does not imply that it is the best place.  It’s just a place we know of that sells the parts/supplies.
Service manual
Safety Glasses
Latex Gloves
3/8" drive ratchet and extension assortment
Set of metric or Standard 3/8" drive Allen head sockets depending on your ATV
Metric or Standard 3/8" drive sockets and extensions
Bent needle nose pliers to remove plastic pins
Open end / Box end wrenches
Torque wrench
Miscellaneous hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers.
Clean rags
Volt meter to check charging system and Battery
Trickle Charger to charge battery
Oil catch pan
Engine Oil (2 quarts will be plenty)
Oil Filter
Differential oil (gear oil)
New paper type air filter if your bike has a paper filter
Feeler Gage for valve adjust
Flash light
5 gal bucket or tub to wash parts
2 cans of aerosol Brake cleaner or contact cleaner or Carburetor cleaner with spray tube
Bearing grease
Foam Filter oil for air filter
Cable lube for lubing cables
Cable luber
Air compressor to inflate tires and blow off parts
Low pressure tire gage

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