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KTM Valve Adjust General Description (DVD: V400EXC02D)
Valves that aren’t adjusted properly can cause major engine damage ($$$$$).  Symptoms of improperly adjusted valves are an engine that is hard to start or has poor engine performance.  You can expect to pay $60 for a shop to check and adjust your valves.  We’ll show you how to check and adjust your valves in probably less time than it takes to drop off the bike at the shop.

This DVD is designed for those who prefer watching a demonstration rather than reading a manual or fumbling your way through the process.  After watching our detailed step-by-step video, you should be able to service your valves in approximately 45 minutes if you possess moderate mechanical skills.

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 LABOR cost per occurrence

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3 year savings

Valve check & adjust



1 hour



We’ll show you how to do this in your garage with minimal special tools.  The mechanic speaks slowly so you can watch the video and take notes if you like.  Unlike most maintenance videos that focus on the actor, this video is shot at close range so you can see the details.  You can see each part through disassembly and reassembly.  No steps are skipped.

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What you’ll get:
A detailed video performed by a certified motorcycle mechanic on a 2002 KTM 400 EXC.  

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Tools and Supplies

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