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Bike Setup General Description (DVD: BIKESETUP)

Applies to:

All Two and Four Stroke Motorcycles

New bikes are made for a fictitious rider who rides in a fictitious environment. For example, a intermediate rider who weighs 160 lbs and likes to ride at a novice level motocross track. Does this describe your situation? Used bikes are generally modified to meet the needs of the owner. If you’ve recently purchased a bike then it is likely setup for someone else; not you. If you haven’t set your bike up to meet your specific weight, style and riding area then you’re not getting the most out of your riding experience.

Clips from the DVD:

Bike SetupBike Setup

Bike SetupBike Setup

You may think that your bike doesn’t handle well when the real problem is poor suspension setup. Or, you may think your bike handles great when it really doesn’t handle that well. This DVD covers proper bike setup, installing new components and how to maintain your steering stem bearing. Steering stem bearing maintenance is often overlooked when performing basic maintenance. Tightening the bearing stem nut properly will ensure long bearing life. We’ll show you how to do all of this !

Taking the bike to a shop is a hassle; it’s costly and probably unnecessary. The cost of the parts and supplies is relatively inexpensive compared to the shop labor. Wouldn't it be nice if you could do it yourself with confidence just like the pro’s do? This DVD covers procedures that you will likely do while you own your bike. You would pay a shop around $150 in labor to do the work covered in the DVD. We’ll show you how to do it yourself for a fraction of the service charge. This DVD compliments our Basic Maintenance DVD nicely. You will learn a lot and save a lot of money by purchasing both DVD’s.

We’ll show you how to maintain your bike in your garage with minimal special tools. The mechanic speaks slowly so you can watch the video and take notes if you like. Unlike most maintenance videos that focus on the actor, this video is shot at close range so you can see the details. You can see each part through disassembly and reassembly. No steps are skipped.

What you’ll get:
A detailed video performed by a certified motorcycle mechanic. The concepts that we demonstrate are the same on all bikes. There may be small differences between the bike we’re using and your bike. For example, the plastic may be attached differently on your bike than the one in the video. When there is a major difference between concepts, we’ll describe both methods. For example, some bikes use two lock rings on the shock and some use a collar with a lock bolt. We’ll show the collar method and describe the two ring method. Please refer to your service manual for your bike specifications. 
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Tools and Supplies

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DVD sectioned into chapters so you can find information quickly. Here is a sample of the chapter headings.


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