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Basic Motorcycle Maintenance I General Description (DVD: BWR426F02D)

Applies to:

All Two and Four Stroke Motorcycles

Basic maintenance needs to be performed regularly to keep your bike operating safely and in top condition. Interpreting the service manual can be overwhelming if you’re new to wrenching. Taking the bike to a shop is a hassle; it’s costly and probably unnecessary. The cost of the parts and supplies is relatively inexpensive compared to the shop labor. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could do it yourself with confidence just like the pro’s do? This DVD covers maintenance procedures that you should do several times a year. You would pay a shop around $150 in labor each time they serviced your bike. We’ll show you how to maintain it yourself for a fraction of one service charge.

You'll learn how to: Change the oil and oil filter, Clean and lubricate the air filter, Lube the throttle cables and brake cables, Check and adjust the spokes, Replace the chain and sprockets and set the chain tension properly, Check the wheel bearings and seals, Inspect the swing arm bearings, Change the rear tire & install the wheel, Change the Brake Pads and Bleed/flush the brake fluid. We use several makes/models of bikes in the DVD to demonstrate the differences between procedures on each bike.

We’ll show you how to maintain your bike in your garage with minimal special tools. The mechanic speaks slowly so you can watch the video and take notes if you like. Unlike most maintenance videos that focus on the actor, this video is shot at close range so you can see the details. You can see each part through disassembly and reassembly. No steps are skipped.

What you’ll get:
A detailed video performed by a certified motorcycle mechanic. The concepts that we demonstrate are the same on all bikes. There may be small differences between the bike we’re using and your bike. For example, the plastic may be attached differently on your bike than the one in the video.
When there is a major difference between concepts, we’ll show you both methods. For example, some bikes use two different lubricating oils and some use one. We’ll demonstrate the oil change on one bike and show you the difference on the other bike. Please refer to your service manual for your bike specifications.
What you'll need:
Tools and Supplies

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